The Art and Science of Positive Thinking With Leonard Kenner

How do you remain happy and positive in a world that seems hopeless and sad? How do we get a happy and positive story on the news?

Do you feel beat down by all the bad news and negative thoughts in the world around you? Well, it's time to fight back!

That's right, imagine you are a bomb that is just exploding with positivity! Do the people at the mall around you seem miserable? What about all those sad sacs at the football game? All you need to do is set your timer, go these events and BAM! Just let yourself explode all over them spraying them with the smiling shrapnel of positivity!

Feeling down about the government? What if you were to go down to the statehouse building and shout positive thoughts into the air vent. Just release them like some kind of gas that could spread room to room inspiring infectious thoughts of affirmation. Then, when they came into contact with someone else, they would infect them! Imagine how quickly such a delightful disease would spread.

Of course, these are fairly small displays. Sometimes thinking positive means thinking big! Go to the airport and take off in an upbeat airplane. You could just display a message behind the play, but what would that change? No, you need to run your Happy Plane into the Twin Towers of sadness, decimating them forever.

Remember, we positive people are outnumbered and we really need to find new and innovative ways to spread our message. If those negative nellies won't listen to your message when you whisper it, sometimes you have to shout.

Leonard Kenner is a highly skilled and popular "happiness consultant." If you would like to have him speak for your company or group, email below for his reasonable rates.



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